Hammarby IF Rugbyförening is a club ruled by our members. Anyone can be a member och a member also has the right to practice and play with our teams.  Below you can read more.

Member fee

As a member you have the right to express you opinions about our activities and participate and vote in our annual meeting and other meetings for memebers. You are also obliged to follow the rules of the club. You can read more about being a member in our internal web pages, or just email info@hammarbyrugby.se

As a new member you are aloud to try and practice with us for three weeks before you need to pay the member fee. If you already are a member, the fee should paid as the bill say, but never later than March 31st.

Every year we e-mail you a bill with the fee.


Member fee 2023:

Seniors, born 2004 or earlier – 300 sek

Chilrden and youth, born 2005 or later – 100 sek

Family membership, at maximum 2 adults and 3 children – 500:-

Training fee

If you want to train with one of our teams you need to pay a training fee (only you that have paid the member fee can play with us). The fee is used to cover a part of our costs, for example pitches, travel expenses and club activities.

The training fee should be paid at the same time as you pay your member fee  and will be at the same bill as the member fee.

Training fee 2023:

Knatterugby  – 0 sek each year

U8, U10 – 550 sek each year

U12, U14, F15, P16, F18,P18 – 1100 sek each year

Touchrugby – –

Seniors, born 2004 or earlier – 3300 sek each year

Seniors, new players (have not been licensed for any other club) – 1950 sek including a trainingshirt

Seniors, students/unemployed/part timeworker – 1650 sek each year

If you can´t pay the whole amount at once, please contact our cashier at ekonomi@hammarbyrugby.se